How to Paint a Home to Sell

  1. Add a fresh coat of paint

Even homes that have been maintained very well usually need a fresh coat of paint, and the right paint color can actually help homes feel larger. Below are our favorite examples to show the tremendous power of paint.

By applying a fresh coat of paint and update the lighting, it will completely .

  1. Use consistent flooring to bring spaces together

While painting is the most common update amongst homes, flooring is a close second. Older homes often have dated or damaged flooring that needs to be replaced to appeal to home buyers.

  1. Update the Kitchen

Kitchens are the heart of the home, and one of the most intimidating projects for potential buyers. As such, an outdated or dysfunctional kitchen can be an immediate turn-off for buyers and can decrease the value of the home significantly.

Updating a kitchen doesn’t always require a complete remodel. Sellers frequently choose to do a quick refresh to shrink the project timeline and costs while still meeting the demands of modern buyers.

  1. Update Bathrooms

Bathrooms, and specifically, the master bathroom, is the second most frustrating room to renovate while living in a home. With self-care steadily rising in importance since around 2015, bathroom design has become an important element for buyers. Popular bathroom trends favored by today’s buyers include free-standing tubs, furniture-style vanities, and modern paint colors, flooring, and hardware.